Monday Morning Memo: Ideas on Content Marketing and EU Meeting Action Item

Last week's tech roundup. There’s no such thing as a slow news week in this day and age and the tech world is no different - there is always something happening that we should know about.

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Douglas EldridgeOctober 16, 2017
  • Digital Marketing

There’s no such thing as a slow news week in this day and age. The tech world is no different. There is always something happening that we should know about. This week produced a lot of articles on content marketing; from companies worth emulating to a promising new Facebook feature, there’s a lot to learn.As mentioned in a previous Monday Morning Memo, EU leaders recently held a significant meeting in Estonia and if you didn’t hear about the discussion surrounding AI you might be surprised when you’re virtual assistant all of a sudden has human rights. There’s always a lot to know, so while your coffee is still hot, let’s get to it…

Facebook Opens Up Stories to Pages so that Someone Will Use the Feature – Marketing Land

Facebook’s answer to Snapchat and Instagram is finally available to the masses. While there are still a lot of unknowns, we do know that there is potential for brands to utilize the platform for content. Read about why brands might fare well with this not so widely used tool.

Inside TV’s Power Play to Target Audiences – Ad Age

In terms of hitting a consumer sweet spot, television advertising has been left behind by digital, but a consortium of television networks are looking to change that. Not only are they looking for ways to better target audiences, they are looking for ways to prove their effectiveness in doing that.

3 Truths About Machine Learning for Marketing – Chief Marketer

Marketers are typically at the forefront of technology, but when it comes to machine learning they might be behind the curve. It’s not that marketers are afraid of AI, it’s that a machine’s knowledge is only as useful as the data that’s curated for it and marketers often don’t get that according to this piece.

Why You Really, Really Care About Robots Getting 'Human' Rights - Forbes

EU leaders left Estonia last month asking if robots should get human rights. A fascinating subject that that could go much deeper than theory and could affect us all. Find out why you might want Siri and Alexa to have some of the same rights that you do.

One Thing Coca-Cola, Geico and Under Armour Are Doing That Every Company Should Do Today – Entrepreneur

Every marketing team strives to be the best, but some brands clearly sit atop the pile. Every content marketer knows that weaving your brand’s story across an omnichannel audience is easier said than done, but it’s a challenge worth accepting. This article explains what Coca-Cola, Geico and Under Armour are doing really well in content marketing to set themselves apart.

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