Monday Morning Memo: All That GDPR Spam Might Have Been Unnecessary

This week’s martech roundup looks at the fact that some companies might have already gone overboard in terms of their GDPR prep, and how data will continue to be the driving force in marketing operations.

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Douglas EldridgeMay 28, 2018
  • Digital Marketing

It’s a brave new world this week, as Friday marked the first day of life under GDPR, but it’s still too early to comprehend its full impact. Life will go on though, and marketers will continue to market to people, likely in much the same fashion as they always have. Among other topics, this week’s martech roundup looks at the fact that some companies might have already gone overboard in terms of their GDPR prep, and how data will continue to be the driving force in marketing operations.

All That GDPR Consent Spam? In Many Cases It's Unnecessary – CMS Wire

As GDPR drew ever nearer last week, you likely noticed an influx of consent emails from companies in your inbox. While consent is certainly a big part of the GDPR law, there are however five other criteria which allow you to have someone’s information in your database. This article explains why having a thorough understanding of GDPR is necessary before relying on consent to continue marketing to people already in your database. Read More

A New Holy Grail: How to Use Intent Data in B2B Marketing – EContent Magazine

Intent data, which is used to predict what a person is likely to do next, can be complex in the B2B space. When in comes to B2C, data can easily recognize that someone did or did not buy something which was previously in their shopping cart. The B2B buyer is a bit harder to comprehend and is also rarely the sole decision maker. This piece presents the nuances of utilizing intent data in B2B and the challenges which need to be overcome. Read More

We need to teach consumers why the internet is free – Marketing Week

In the wake of some dramatic digital marketing news, some social media users are closing down their accounts and rethinking their decision to hand over information about themselves online. This article theorizes that if marketers did a better job of explaining that a data exchange is the toll for a user’s internet usage, people might see this topic in a different light. Read More

Marketing technology optimization is an evolution, not a revolution – MarTech Today

It has become clear among most marketing technologists that marketing solutions require a broad strategy which includes integrations and APIs. An infrastructure which allows for multichannel dissemination, data ingestion and analyzation, and content creation, to name but a few, is a must, and so the process of buying the right marketing suite can be overwhelming. This piece advises you to start with a strategy and to avoid flying too high too soon. Read More

Why AI Is key for Banks to get ahead of Customer Expectations – Customer Experience Magazine

This article is written with banks in mind but is relevant across a variety of industries. Improving customer service, automating business processes and getting more from data and analytics are a few ways in which the author notes banks can become more competitive when making use of artificial intelligence. AI cannot be relied on alone though, it needs to be integrated with both human processes and other software to ensure strong connections with customers. While on the subject, take a look at the HOT DAM 10 Trends In Finance for another view on how banks are utilizing software for customer experience. Read More

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