Digital Channels Need to Rethink, Calculating Your Omnichannel ROI, and Why Quality Trumps Quantity in Content Marketing

Just as March roars in like a lion, there’s nothing lamb-like about this week’s round up of digital marketing and technology news.

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Douglas EldridgeMarch 5, 2018
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Just as March roars in like a lion, there’s nothing lamb-like about this week’s round up of digital marketing and technology news. Learn about the effect of cutting digital ad spend from one of the biggest CPG companies on the planet, get inside your CMO’s head, and discover some of the unique approaches that retailers are taking for their digital transformations.

When Procter & Gamble Cut $200 Million in Digital Ad Spend, It Increased Its Reach 10% - Ad Week

Just as Unilever voiced their frustration on digital marketing a few weeks ago, Proctor & Gamble has reinvested $200 million of advertising spend into various areas such as television, audio, and ecommerce. According to its CMO, Marc Pritchard, “the cuts helped P&G eliminate 20 percent of its ineffective marketing and increase reach by 10 percent”. Is this another sign that digital channels need to reevaluate their methods? Read More

Here's How to Calculate What's Working When You're Marketing on Lots of Channels – Entrepreneur Magazine

Omnichannel marketing is a topic pertinent to most marketing teams today. It’s becoming universally understood that different personas will engage with content via different forums and avenues. Proving the success of each marketing channel is an important step toward omnichannel marketing, as most channels require at least an investment in time and finances. Before you open this article, grab a calculator, because there’s work to be done. Read More

Content Marketing Under GDPR: Upheaval Paves The Way To Quality Over Quantity – Forrester

The impending GDPR law in Europe might seem like doom and gloom, but, as we’ve stressed here at censhare, GDPR is actually an opportunity to attain quality leads over a database that’s simply unreliable and unmanageable. With only two and a half months to go until GDPR takes effect, stay tuned to the Monday Morning Memo for the latest. Read More

3 CMO Trends That Matter Most For Marketers – Agency Spotter

If you follow our head of marketing, Ian Truscott’s, Tuesday 2 Cents, you will not be surprised at all by these three trends which matter to CMOs. Employing data correctly, mastering a digital omnichannel strategy, and most importantly, offering great content, are all issues which are on the minds of today’s marketing leaders. Read More

How Retailers Are Managing Their Digital Transformations – Dx3 Canada

As online shopping has become a way of life, retail has changed significantly over the past decade. Stores founded on a brick and mortar culture have had to transform toward a digital lifestyle, and finding the right balance between the old and the new is a challenge faced by many retailers today. This article, written by yours truly, explains three companies’ approaches to digital transformation. Read More

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