Monday Morning Memo: Back to the DAM Basics and Beyond

This week's martech memo dives into digital asset management, data and beginning your technology search - also, a feature from the latest issue of Rockstar CMO. Enjoy the read!

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Douglas EldridgeJune 4, 2018
  • Digital Asset Management

Marketing technology news is rarely hard to come by, but it’s an extraordinary week when a system which puts content first takes center stage. But while digital asset management (DAM) was a hot topic this past week, there was still plenty of news on the usual suspects - data and beginning your searching for the right technology. Another highlight was the release of the newest issue of Rockstar CMO, with marketing top dogs and zany thinkers giving us the low down and their (very) honest opinion on what’s trending. So, enjoy this week’s Monday Morning Memo!

Why DAM Is the Heart of Your MarTech Stack – CMS Wire

Marketing technology can become quite complicated quite quickly. Every piece of marketing software utilized by a company needs to be able to share data with the entire martech stack in order to be part of a truly holistic and functional system. While every solution is important, marketing starts with content, which is why digital asset management (DAM) is arguably the most logical place to begin your marketing platform search. Read More

Digital Asset Management: What It Is and Why You Need It – Content Marketing Institute

One of the foremost experts on digital asset management, and our friend, Theresa Regli, explains how “DAM is concerned with delivering the right content to the right people, on all devices, mostly in real time, with the ability to track and measure digital asset engagement across an enterprise and its potential global reach”. But, beyond the discipline of DAM, it’s also a technology which provides a secure platform for the creation and management of content. This article provides one of the most comprehensive descriptions of a DAM there is. Read More

What Everyone Gets Wrong With Personalization – Rockstar CMO

This piece from Darren Guarnaccia, CMO at Lytics, truly is an eyeopener. Arguing that ‘personalization is being deployed as a weapon of mass irritation, not as a tool to earn a customer’s trust’, Darren explains that most marketers are far from hitting the mark with personalization. And why? Well, it could be that we’re getting confused been our tactics and our strategy… Read More

Getting Off On The Right Foot — The Benefits Of The Discovery Process – IO Integration

As a business evolves, so does the technology which supports it, and insanely intelligent people are hired in order to evaluate, recommend, and procure the right technology. Still, like most things, a third party point of view can be not only insightful but necessary, as even the most seasoned technologists can overlook a crucial piece of a MarTech stack. Read More

Data’s the way to do it: Enhancing CX in a Digital World – Customer Experience Magazine

Data comes from every contact point along the customer journey, and consumers are not only aware but readily agree to share their data in exchange for a superior customer experience. As a result, customers have higher expectations of customer experience than ever before, but only a handful of retailers have learned how to harness data in order to deliver this. This piece explains why just owning data is not nearly enough in today’s retail climate. Read More

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