Inside censhare: Meet Florian from Lösch, Innovating with Universal Smart Content

This week I chat with Florian Lutz, Managing Director of Lösch - a censhare Certified Partner. Florian and I talk about how he and his team use censhare to deliver an optimum digital experience to their clients' customers.

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Ian TruscottOctober 9, 2018
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Usually on Inside censhare, we are getting to know someone, introducing you to some of the talent we have around the business, but in this special episode we go outside censhare, not just in terms of location, but also in terms of ideas.

Florian Lutz is the Managing Director of Lösch, a digital experience agency that really has the experience at the heart of what it does, and he describes in this short video censhare’s role in this vision - how a single content hub lets him and his 60 colleagues create new, sometimes small ideas, experiment and then roll them out to their clients.

A great example is shown in this video, an instore terminal that he was demonstrating at DMEXCO. A content driven, instore experience that allows the customer to browse and experience way more products and variations of products than a typical store would be able to carry. This keeps the consumer engaged instore and prevents cross channel leak - when a consumer is lost as they move between instore and online channels.

Of course, the product descriptions, images, pricing and availability of stock needs to be consistent across all channels, the content on this terminal is the same as the website, social promotions and any printed collateral that the consumer might find instore. In the video, Florian shares how this is key.

I really enjoyed chatting to Florian, who clearly passionately believes in solving content challenges for his broad range of clients and his inspiring use of censhare. I hope you enjoy the video.

Ian Truscott
Ian Truscott has a passion for creating ART (Awareness, Revenue and Trust) for B2B software companies as a marketing leader and is a censhare alumni. Wanting to connect a like minded community and share something useful, he founded Rockstar CMO, a monthly digital publication, and is currently helping B2B companies create ART at appropingo.

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