Inside censhare: Client, Employee, Globetrotter and Family Man

This week, I talk to Daniel Zellhuber, a long time censharion who has certainly made the most of his tenure at censhare. From travelling the world to settling down with his wife and starting a family, censhare has long been a part of Daniel’s life.

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Douglas EldridgeOctober 26, 2017
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Anyone who says a job is just some place to go between 9 and 5 doesn’t live as fully as those who make a life out of their work hours. This week, I talk to Daniel Zellhuber, a long time censharion who has lived a rich life thanks to that mantra. From travelling the world to settling down with his wife and starting a family, he has certainly made the most of his tenure at censhare.

Before censhare

censhare has long been a part of Daniel’s life. Prior to beginning his journey with us in 2010, Daniel had worked on the other side of censhare, as a client. Even before censhare was founded he had worked with Vision, an appropriately named software entity also from Dieter Reichert which preceded censhare. Daniel used Vision whilst working at a local newspaper for classified ads in the late 1990s and his project manager later became one of censhare’s founders, Andreas Klostermaier. Daniel’s career progressed alongside the software which he was using, and he eventually found himself no longer at his local newspaper but rather at an agency representing a little car company that you’ve likely heard of - BMW.

Daniel was then working for Greenhouse, a production company for BMW. He remembers clearly that it was censhare version 1.6 that they ran. “Some of the requirements that I had back then are now the foundations of censhare today,” Daniel said, not too smugly. “Flat plan, translations, multiple language versions and the hierarchal structure of layouts for sales literature, catalogues, etc., were all things that BMW required."

For six years, Daniel, as the project manager at Greenhouse, led the 600 user scenario that produced BMW’s catalogue. But… all good things must come to an end. It was in the year 2010 that Daniel bid adieu to BMW and took the next step in his career.

The censhare Era

Daniel couldn’t have known what he was embarking upon when he began his censhare journey and his consequent travels would bring envy to the likes of Percy Fawcett and David Livingstone. But while Fawcett and Livingstone were merely hacking through the jungle for imaginary prizes, Daniel was actually doing something: he was implementing software. Shortly after joining censhare in 2010, he was asked to go to India where he worked with Ashish Dayal, Managing Director for our efforts in India. In fact, he worked with him at Ashish’s home, as there was no Indian office yet. Later that same year, Daniel was asked to work on a project in Brazil.

Daniel has nothing but great things to say about his experiences in India and Brazil. When pressed for details on his journeys he was staunch on his stance, “I recommend everyone to leave their comfort zone. Go somewhere that is not surrounded by the shield that you have back at home. It helps to shape your focus and senses. It opens your mind and your heart.”

Growing censhare

Daniel comes from the most southern town in Germany. He’s a mountain guy. He skis, he hikes, he climbs, so leaving ‘the’ Greenhouse for censhare was in character for him.

“I left for censhare because it was growing and had a lot of potential” he said.

Now that censhare has gone into hyper growth, Daniel is a product manager (after a gratifying stint in presales). His role is to establish censhare’s methodology, facilitating methods and rules for teams and taking care of workflows and processes.

“As software is developed, its growth has to be guided closely,” Daniel explains.

Daniel, who left his previous company because of censhare’s growth potential, is quite excited about our current mode of expansion.

“It’s worth mentioning that things have changed a lot,” he said. “It is in censhare’s DNA to change. Change is natural. It’s organic. Dieter (Reichert, CEO) has said that there is nothing wrong with change because it happens everywhere. People should not be afraid of it.”

Daniel is on the front line of change at censhare. In fact, his life has changed forever thanks to censhare. He met his wife here and they have two children, which he believes are the first children of two censharians! His willingness to embrace the new, to travel, to take risks and to embrace censhare has led to the creation of a truly fulfilling life.

Douglas Eldridge
Doug Eldridge has worked in marketing and communications for fifteen years, with experience in marketing agencies and software vendors, he’s written for CMSWire, eContent Magazine and various industry blogs. Doug is based in Denver, Colorado, is an alumnus of censhare US and while he is not writing, he is a typical Coloradan, which means a lot of time in mountains and breweries.

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