How to Meet the Needs of an Increasingly Diverse Customer Base

Effective content marketing requires a deft touch to combat two competing trends in today’s digital landscape. While consumers crave personalization...

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censhare Editorial TeamFebruary 14, 2017
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Effective content marketing requires a deft touch to combat two competing trends in today’s digital landscape. While consumers crave personalization addressing their unique backgrounds and needs, they remain skeptical over giving companies personal information. How can you provide better content value and simultaneously alleviate concerns over sharing the very information needed to personalize experiences for consumers?

Changing loyalties

The globalization of advertising and content marketing means a more diverse group of individuals are consuming content. With nearly three-fourths of online consumers growing frustrated with irrelevant website content, though, a better strategy is needed to resonate with each and every consumer and gain trust in a crowded space where competition lurks at every corner. Over half of consumers are also willing to leave favored brands under a variety of scenarios involving mismatched content — from clothing for the opposite sex to incorrect political party affiliations — and can switch loyalty at the drop of a hat if others prove better at addressing these strong desires for highly relevant and personalized content.

Overcoming these challenges, then, involves a two-pronged approach. Centralizing your marketing campaigns ensures more efficient personalization. This can be paired with better consumer communication to show how personal information is used to add value.


First, consider the fact that companies on average use eight different channels to market their business and 12 or more digital marketing platforms and tools to manage them. While a high number of channels makes perfect sense, developing consistent campaigns across so many platforms is simply too challenging for even the most seasoned content marketers. What if your social media campaigns fail to address different audiences from city to city? Maybe your website gets the locales right, but drops the ball on different languages.

High levels of personalization require a single platform to run multi-channel marketing campaigns; dictating characteristics from regions and cities to traditions and cultures must happen under one roof. Brand awareness and customer loyalty, which studies show are the two top strategic priorities for marketers, are both addressed as more consumers experience your offerings in a way tailor-made to their personality and background.


The best content marketers know information must also be gleaned from consumers to better personalize the experience. This means addressing persistent customer concerns over privacy and sharing personal information. This is where communication is key; studies show three-fourths of consumers just require transparent explanations showing their information is indeed being used to improve their online experience. Consider making this information readily available on your website and throughout content marketing campaigns to better educate consumers and receive valuable information in the process -- a win-win for everyone involved.

With growing trust among your content consumers and the ability to manage the nuances of marketing campaigns under one platform, high levels of personalization become realistically attainable. This will allow you to communicate more effectively with your audience, tailoring your content to their needs without introducing heavy operational burdens.

With the right message in place your audience will have more reason to trust that the information you are providing is worth a little personal information about themselves. The more people who trust you and are willing to share a little about themselves directly correlates to more sales and higher earnings.

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censhare Editorial Team

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