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A New Look For Content Management

Slimming World is making it easier to organize the content and information that supports its members.

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Slimming World creates content across multiple channels to give its members and consultants the right support at the right moment in their weight loss journey. It urgently needed to organize, connect, and distribute that content in the best possible way.

With the introduction of censhare, Slimming World streamlined the way in which it internally shared its 30,000 images. Automated project planning is now a reality and the migration of the magazine's production workflow into censhare is being planned. The goal of truly uniting the company’s content in one system where assets (images, recipes, products, success stories, etc.) are tagged, searchable, and usable is well under way, and this is just the start of Slimming World’s exploration into how best it can use censhare.

Rather than talking about multiple systems, CRMs, PIMs, and MRMs, we just talk about one system – the DAM – and censhare. And we’re only just scratching the surface of what we can do.

James NaylorGroup Publishing Systems Manager, Slimming World

Business Results


images shared efficiently across the company


recipes easier to reuse across platforms


recipe books sold per year


reduction in design planning time for books


jobs a week handled for design team

Watch Slimming World in Action

We chat to James about his mantra of “letting creatives create” and the benefits of having a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system at the center of this strategy, sharing some of the results he has seen both at Slimming World and at Hearst Magazines.

You can dive deeper into how Slimming World is building brand value with content marketing in this on demand webinar, where James talks further on how he enables content marketers via technology in order to engage consumers across the Slimming World platforms:

More from Slimming World

With censhare, the team sets the publish date, and censhare works backwards to schedule a project in a couple of minutes. This used to take four or five hours.

James Naylor
Group Publishing Systems Manager, Slimming World

censhare Universal Content Management simplifies the use of digital assets to create omnichannel marketing campaigns. Combine DAM with PIM and CMS to automatically transform assets for delivery across channels or create a 'Single Source of Truth' of product related information.

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About Slimming World

Founded in 1969, Slimming World is the UK’s most advanced and effective weight management organization. With thousands of weekly groups held across the UK, they influence millions of people each year to eat more healthily and adopt a more active lifestyle.

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Slimming World
PO Box 55
Derbyshire DE55 4SW / UK

censhare for Service Providers

The censhare platform enables any teams in an organization to access and use any digital asset, simply and efficiently.

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censhare reduces complexity, increases revenue, optimizes customer experiences and creates new value. Schedule a demo now.

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We create, commission and curate a variety of inspirational and educational content. From whitepapers to industry reports and analyst insights, they’re all available to download on our Resources page.

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