Panta Rhei. Everything flows. Everything is in motion. censhare re-invents itself

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus [approximately 520 - 460 BC] who formulated these ideas defined the basic understanding that everything is in a constant state of flow and change. And therefore, that everything arising also implies the aspect of impermanence at the same time. Change and development are also key factors driving censhare forward. Our markets, our company and our society are constantly changing. Consequently, we make use of the so-called strategy of creative destruction and are prepared to re-invent ourselves anew every day - which is something we have been doing for the last ten years.

Nature as a model

censhare Logo old

censhare is green

In this process, we have viewed and continue to view nature as a model - as did Heraclitus. Since many years, the idea that "censhare is green" has been part of our basic self-image. Our logo and our world of images have served as symbols for our natural view of the world.

Nature, however, is never static but subject to constant change. And information and its organization, everything that represents the meaning, purpose and contents of our activities is also in a process of constant change.

Reason enough for us, in line with our identity, to give our corporate appearance a new design - time and time again. Which is naturally an organic process.

Nature is communication

Whether we are regarding the smallest building blocks of matter, the atoms, subatomic particles, or the smallest units of life, our cells, what we inevitably find is motion, interaction, exchange, and naturally - communication. Whether via electromagnetic interaction, or by way of messenger substances such as hormones or pheromones.

censhare Logo new

The new censhare logo

We all grew up on a very mechanistic world. This world is ruled by the principle of cause and effect. In this world, communication is taking place between senders and recipients. Today we know that every effect can in turn become a cause, and that communication also involves listening. Only in this way can dialog arise. Social media documents the power of interaction, of conversation with its numerous facets.

Founded in 2001 as CoWare AG, censhare AG is firmly positioned as a globally operating company in the meantime. Concepts and terms such as networking and integration, sustainability, nature, but also technology and progress drive us forward. The new, dynamic and colorful design and corporate appearance reflect all these ideas. The interplay of shapes, color and motion enables an infinite number of combinations. This diversity creates an independent, vibrant and unique brand(ing) and expresses our dynamic corporate culture.

We no longer believe in the myth of the machine, but live the conviction of an organic view of the world, in which everything is interconnected. This is by no means esoteric - but only naturally and logically consistent.

Be part of it!

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