New partnership for Digital Survival Company and censhare!

New Partnership for Digital Survival Company and censhare!

censhare and Digital Survival Company have announced their new partnership, making their combined services available to clients.

Digital Survival Company (DSC) is the fresh strong independent Dutch alternative for the established order in the world of cloud Services, application Services, data Analytics and security services. Partnering with censhare, DSC compliments censhare’s universal content management platform expertise with its best in class 24/7 pure cloud and application management services.

Delivering full stack digital transformation expertise that accelerate the (r)evolution of their clients’ business value chains, DSC designs, builds and runs cloud infrastructure and applications in the cloud making use of its sophisticated cloud agnostic platform services.

DSC is a great start up with great energy, with a real focus on delivering quality - this is exactly what censhare is looking for in a partner.

Christiaan Bruinink, Sales Director, censhare Benelux Nordics

DSC combines with the powerful and proven censhare platform, a pioneering, universal content management platform which helps its customers pursue their digital transformation and omnichannel strategies, providing instant communication to their consumer. With censhare, content management and delivery are centralized, while content operations are automated.

We are thrilled to bring censhare’s powerful platform together with our public cloud and application services to deliver business outcomes for our joint clients. We see a bright future for clients in domains like retail, food retail and manufacturing with censhare’s amazing DAM, PIM and CMS platform solutions delivered by us, a Dutch 24/7 native cloud partner.

Marco van der Linden, Customer & Partner Success Manager of Digital Survival Company

Offering a fully integrated platform with Digital Asset Management (DAM) , Product Information Management (PIM) , and Content Management , all content is centrally stored and interlinked in censhare, bringing every image, video, document and file under your complete control and allowing content operations to be automated. Letting you connect with your audiences on any channel, in any language, locally or globally while helping to reduce time and costs, the solution can be further broadened by a variety of modules tailored towards more exact use cases, such as print production management, marketing project planning, and translation.

This gives censhare customers more time, space and energy to think beyond the daily workload, enabling them to grow by turning the creativity of their staff into great content, great ideas, and deliverables which meet the needs of their audiences.

Find out more about how brands including Plus Retail, Jaguar Land Rover, Dyson, Christie’s, and Lufthansa, have found new freedom to create.

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