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censhare and Holygrow Blend Design and Innovation To Serve a Benelux Creative Cocktail

censhare and Holygrow Blend Design and Innovation To Serve a Benelux Creative Cocktail

Fast growing content management solution vendor, censhare, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Holygrow , an exciting creative agency based in the Netherlands with strong roots in design and data, to bring their joint clients a blend of creativity and innovation, and deliver marketing solutions which create results.

Aside from their creativity, Holygrow has an established track record in marketing automation, marketing asset management, and the digitalization of organizational processes, making them a natural partner to implement censhare’s flexible smart content management solution.

"As a young and innovative agency, Holygrow was looking for a solution that could help our clients and the market to digitalize and enhance their marketing processes. With censhare we’ve found more than just that solution. We’ve found a unique and powerful platform that helps all kinds of organizations in every market to organize all their content and be more efficient. This way our clients will have more time to spend on creating meaningful (digital) products, which fits our vision perfectly. As the first local censhare partner in the Benelux we’re proud to be able to offer such a unique product that creates a lot of value."
– Nick Bazuin, partner at Holygrow.

Holygrow’s experience with tailoring PIM, DAM, CMS, and CRMs as well as mobile and web applications is ideally suited to censhare’s current implementation of a real time communications suite which will ultimately include social media and mobile applications. Clients will benefit from a team of experts working alongside censhare’s software with enhanced intuitive user experiences with an advanced marketing technology suite.

“Holygrow is a young agency that is embracing innovation. We have felt that their thirst to further develop censhare in the Benelux region is a joy for their customers. Blue chip companies currently invest millions in digitalization and ecommerce for their marketing departments, but a smart content hub is missing. Holygrow understands that and continues to find way to help their clients create great content.”
– Pieter Stroop, MD, censhare Benelux and Nordics.

About Holygrow

Holygrow is a creative digital agency which helps start ups and organizations grow through a smart combination of design and technology. It crafts digital products out of original ideas into experiences which are both innovative and meaningful.

The Holygrow team will be working closely with censhare to help attract new clients as part of a comarketing campaign, including joint content and events throughout the region.