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Exclusive Research Reveals the Importance of Integrated Content Management

Exclusive Research Reveals the Importance of Integrated Content Management

censhare has released exclusive new research into how leading organizations are managing their content.

The State of Universal Content Management 2020 comes from London Research and is sponsored by censhare. It brings candid insight from a survey of more than 700 brand marketers, business professionals, and agencies to light, focussing on the winning strategies of leading organizations in their space. The report clearly shows the benefits of facilitating strategic content goals at what is a very poignant time for organizations of all sizes.

Showing strong disparity between organizations able to deliver consistent, personalized communications, and those who cannot, this research is timely proof of the need for centralized content management.

Mathias Wurth, CMO, censhare AG

The report exposes the importance of an integrated approach to content management, through key findings, such as:

  • Marketers are spending more than half of their time on content admin which could be automated

  • 70% of marketers feel they could add more value if the amount of content admin was reduced

  • Organizations with leading content management strategies are three and a half times more likely than other organizations, to consistently meet or exceed their communication goals

With the benefits of winning content management strategies coming clearly into focus, the research concludes that integrated content hubs are key to success for leaders in the space.

The report is available for download here , where you can find a full breakdown of all data and an in depth analysis of what this means for implementing a successful content management strategy and practice, both right now and in the foreseeable future.

Additional commentary on the research findings is also available in this on demand webinar , which covers key elements of the report and is presented by report author Linus Gregoriadis, Director and Co Founder of London Research, and Mathias Wurth, CMO for censhare AG.