Customizable info area

Assets are the information and communication elements in Digital Asset Management. The info area for an asset can be customized in censhare 4.8, in order to capture the contents and tasks for an element faster. Users see everything important at a glance.

Rapid recording of asset content

Digital Asset Management is the precondition for using the same content for magazines, books, marketing literature or website content. Here, the assets are the digital currency for the publication of information and for communication. An asset can represent very different information: Text, images, video, audio, layouts, transformation or templates. These are stored as assets with all information items and files. Variants may also be created, for example various crops and resolutions of an image.

Info area of an edition with the additional features “department” and “service provider” click to expand

Info area of an edition with the additional features “department” and “service provider”

The utilization of an asset also depends on its attributes (metadata). This can contain a wide variety of information, including data such as creation date, owner, workflow step, author or keywords. In addition, an asset stores type-specific entries like resolution, size or color profile for an image.

In censhare, any number of further attributes may be added, which may, for instance, depend on what an asset is used for. In the case of product information for a bicycle, these could be attributes like frame size, frame, derailleur, gear change, article number or price.

This allows an asset to be described individually for its purposes. When users have defined an asset corresponding to their requirements, it can be stored as a template. If a user wants to represent a bicycle in censhare, they simply create a new set of product information items from the template. This can then be added to the catalog page with drag-and-drop. Modifications to the product information take place in the asset. If the catalog page is updated, the data is automatically retrieved from the linked asset.

If, for example, users are looking for a particular bicycle, they see the corresponding attributes from the info tab. For this reason, censhare 4.8 allows it to be defined whether and in which section of the overview freely definable features appear. For example, central items of information like manufacturer, price and frame size appear right at the top.

Customer Benefits

  • Info tab in censhare client shows all important attributes at a glance

  • Customization of the attributes of an asset which appear in the info tab

  • Free definition of asset attributes with the admin client

  • Definition of assets with the desired features as templates

Application Case

  • Individual definition of assets, for example for product information

Adapt info area in two steps

In order to set up an asset type for production, one of the tasks consists of defining the attributes for this type of asset. When these are fixed, the administrator defines them as features. Here, it can be selected whether the feature is displayed at all, and if so, whether in the general part or under “further information”.

In a second step, the user can insert the features defined earlier as attributes of the desired asset. When the asset has all the desired features, it may be defined as a template with a further attribute.

Control of presentation

Additional features can be entered at any time with the admin client. In order for a feature to be able to appear in the info area, it must receive the type "asset-feature".

Then the administrator receives an additional “view” section in the dialog for the feature. Here it can be specified with "Assetinfo" whether the feature appears in the “general” section or in “further information”, or not at all. “Sorting” specifies the priority of the feature. Features with a higher priority appear before features with a lower one. Features with the same priority are sorted alphabetically.

No editing of XSLT code is necessary for the configuration of Assetinfo and sorting.

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