Research in Action, Vendor Selection Matrix 2021

censhare Recognized as Leading Global DAM Vendor 2021

censhare is once again ranked highly among Digital Asset Management (DAM) vendors, being recognized this year as a global market leader by Research In Action’s in its latest DAM Vendor Selection Matrix™.

Every year, Research In Action surveys 10,000+ enterprise IT and business decision makers in order to gain insights on strategy, investment, and the challenges of technology innovation in the IT and Marketing Automation realm. With 62% of its global DAM vendor selection matrix informed by the input of 1,500 business managers with budget responsibility in enterprises globally, the Vendor Selection Matrix™ Digital Asset Management: The Top 15 Global Vendors 2021 can be regarded as a great source of impartial and relevant insight into the global DAM vendor landscape.

The result is not only an informed guide to the top 15 global vendors , but also a collation of insight into areas such as the placement of DAM projects in the maturity S-curve of marketing organizations, also DAM maturity itself as well as the top noted reasons for implementing a DAM and the benefits which are either achieved or hoped for as a result.

Despite being a fifth the size of its nearest competitors, censhare’s market leading position near the top of the table also comes with a top scoring Recommendation Index (RI) evaluation of 99%, and is one of only two providers to achieve such an endorsement. Thanks also to leading scores in the categories of Price Versus Value Ratio, Breadth And Depth Of Solution Offering, and Innovation and Differentiation, the matrix is a ringing endorsement of best-in-class software development, and recognizes censhare’s commitment to client support and innovation in the content space as a whole.

censhare is now enjoying increasing success as many enterprises revise their DAM strategy and need a more robust solution. It is most successful when solving content challenges that require an integrated solution for DAM, PIM and CMS.

For the full evaluation of censhare’s Digital Asset Management solution , how others also ranked in this space, as well as insight into DAM vendor and market trends, download the full Vendor Selection Matrix™ Digital Asset Management: The Top 15 Global Vendors 2021 .

You can learn more about censhare and its unique product offerings here, including the censhare DAM and its integrated role within the censhare Universal Content Management platform .

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