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censhare Announces Lead Sponsorship at 2018 Henry Stewart London Creative Operations

censhare Announces Lead Sponsorship at 2018 Henry Stewart London Creative Operations

As the demand for content rises dramatically, so does the need for tools and strategies. In 2016 Henry Stewart Events recognized this and created an event devoted to Creative Operations, a day which tackles the tools, systems and methods unnecessary to maximizing productivity in the creative process. Since then Henry Stewart Creative Operations events have grown rapidly and can now be attended across the world in New York City, Los Angeles and London.

As an innovative content management software supplier, censhare is proud to be a lead sponsor of the 2018 Henry Stewart Creative Operations event in London, taking place March 7.

At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to share best practices, hear industry leading speakers share their insights, and attend in depth workshopping and networking opportunities. They will hear from leading organizations on the tools, systems and methods they use to maximize productivity in the creative process, as well as learning about those processes which were once considered “back office” functions but are now key drivers in the production of great creative work.

Some of the topics of discussion promise to provide immense value to marketers and stakeholders involved in the creative process, including keeping up with the demand for real time content production, managing big data to create meaningful reports, and creating effective feedback cycles for content creation.

censhare will host James Naylor , Group Publishing Systems Manager for Slimming World, as he participates in a panel discussion on the day around maintaining the balance between utilizing technology and informing better processes in creative operations.

“This new event [Creative Operations] should bring together a large group of people, each with similar but different challenges in their creative-led businesses”, says Naylor. “I’m very much looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning from theirs to see how I can move my creative and knowledge systems to the next level”.

censhare’s Universal, Smart Content Management software supplies a content and marketing platform to global brands, making it a perfect fit for the 2018 Henry Stewart London Creative Operations event. The event promises to deliver ideas in the creative operations space which companies will be able to put to use immediately.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the event website .