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censhare 5 Home

censhare 5 in focus

The new “censhare 5 web” provides a HTML5 user interface that allows flexible access to the censhare system from mobile phones, tablets and desktops. New, intelligent wizards and assistants support the user and automate everyday processes, like web-to-print applications among others.

censhare is already a unique and powerful tool for the production and planning of marketing communication and publishing content, asset management, web content management and in the delivery of content across all channels.

In addition to the already-available, high-performance production client (as Java-based client for Mac or Windows), censhare 5 web is a new multi-platform client that enables mobile users to work from any location with an individual configuration based on their specific requirements.

The intuitive censhare 5 User Interface supports the user in all tasks, and is fully HTML5 compatible and accessible with any current browser. The web front end is responsive and adapts automatically to the respective screen area, so that the client can work from a smart phone or a tablet, as well as from a Mac or PC.

The web interface is modular in design and users can choose which widgets they need for their configuration. Tabs for specific projects or groups of information can also be selected.

The data in the tabs and widgets come from the censhare system or from external sources. This gives the user access to all internal and external information in a single place, whether for their website or for another application.

Users can manage all the information of an asset, and control and monitor the integrated censhare workflow system via the web interface. censhare 5 web makes it is easy to select the information that is most important for the user, and offers precise control of their display, for instance on mobile devices.

The interfaces within the system or to external sources for censhare 5 will be continually updated in the future, and additional widgets and functions implemented in order to be equipped for all requirements, sources and devices.


censhare 5.1 includes the implementation of the first version of the Web-to-Print wizard. The video presents the functionality, with the example of business card production, and introduces the new user interface. Business cards and brochures are important applications of Web-to-Print, and many others will follow.

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