Generation of higher quality text

Correct spelling is an important precondition for the success of text items. censhare 4.7 incorporates the freely available spell checker from Hunspell. This is familiar to many from its use in Adobe InDesign, OpenOffice and LibreOffice. An important advantage: dictionaries for Hunspell are available without cost in almost every language.

Correct spelling makes text easier to read. Version 4.7 of censhare supports the user in the production of text with the freely available spell checker from Hunspell. It is used in the Content Editor and the InCopy Editor. The Hunspell solution replaces the previous software from Wintertree, whose dictionaries are only available for a few languages. Many users must have worked with Hunspell already, even if they didn't realize it, as the well-known open source solutions OpenOffice and LibreOffice rely on Hunspell. Besides censhare, the Hunspell spell checker can also be used in Adobe InDesign and InCopy.

Customer value

  • More powerful solution than the previously used software from Wintertree

  • No additional costs since the Hunspell solution and associated dictionaries are open source

  • Use of the Hunspell solution in Adobe CS as well, from Version 5.5

  • All languages with dictionaries for OpenOffice can also be used in censhare

  • Installation of additional dictionaries also by customers

  • Use of the Hunspell solution also in OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Firefox, Google Chrome and Mac OS X

Use case

  • Improvement of text quality

  • Company-wide, uniform spell checking in censhare

  • Ensuring text quality with exactly the same spell checking for all users

  • Uniform spell checking in censhare and Adobe CS

Hunspell checks the text live and marks doubtful words. A right mouse click on a word causes a popup to appear, with suggestions for corrections. Hunspell's hyphenation and thesaurus are not implemented.

The dictionary used for checking resides centrally on the server. Even with distributed servers the same version is always used. That ensures that the functionality is the same for all users. If a word is marked as unrecognized by Hunspell, the unknown word can be added to the dictionary with a right mouse click. In order to maintain the quality of the dictionary, the administrator can limit the right to add entries to selected users.

The Hunspell solution is a C++ library which is installed on the censhare server. The censhare client sends an XML message to the server, which returns the result of the check.

Customers can easily extend their censhare installation with additional languages. For this the company just needs the AFF and DIC files for the language, packed as a ZIP file. Hunspell uses the two files to form the expressions which it compares with the words in the text. The administrator creates an asset of type "module" and subtype "dictionary" and sets the language of the asset correspondingly. The ZIP file is now attached to this as master.

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