censhare Switzerland sponsors the Marketing Efficiency Forum 2010

Can marketing trim costs, boost sales and be measurable and transparent at the same time? The Marketing Efficiency Forum 2010 taking place on June 9 Zurich will provide answers to these questions. In addition to censhare’s sponsorship, Jürg Weber of censhare AG Switzerland will be participating in the event and also making professional contributions to the activities.

Jürg Weber, CEO, censhare (Schweiz) AG

Jürg Weber, CEO, censhare (Schweiz) AG

The Swiss subsidiary of censhare AG sponsors various events revolving around publishing and marketing topics. The people at censhare AG place an emphasis on not only providing financial support, but also making professional contributions. While censhare AG sponsored the Berner Marketingtag, the SwissPublishingWeek as well as the DAM-Forum last year in Switzerland, the company is now sponsoring the Marketing Efficiency Forum this year, among other activates including and by providing free utilization as well as the operation of the censhare Systems for the production of the relevant print products.

The forum takes place on June 9 in Zurich and addresses the marketing and publishing branch, and highlights a number of different best practice cases in these areas. Over and beyond this, the Marketing Efficiency Forum 2010 will deal with topics such as integrated and synchronized marketing and communication, the sequence of optimal marketing and communication processes or automation in marketing and communication. Jürg Weber, who heads the activities of censhare AG in Switzerland will be on location at the Marketing Efficiency Forum.

Marketing Efficiency Forum 2010

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