The Daily Press and Advertising: New Frontiers of Development

censhare Italia Srl is co-sponsor of IFRA Italia

censhare Italia Srl is a co-sponsor of the eleventh International Conference for the editorial industry and the Italian press industry, held 18-19 June 2008 in the beautiful venue of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Sirmione, and organized by ASIG (Italian Association of Newspaper Printers) and FIEG (Italian Federation of Newspaper Editors).

Luca Leonardini at the booth of censhare Italia Srl

Luca Leonardini at the booth of censhare Italia Srl

Attending the conference were technical managers and directors of many Italian newspapers, technology providers, consultants and various institutional representatives.

Luca Leonardini, managing director of censhare Italia SRL, attended in the role of co-sponsor of the event, with a booth where he spoke with consultants and businesses interested in the new developments, and demonstrated the potential of the censhare publishing system in the environment of the daily newspaper.

Recalling his impressions of the event, Luca Leonardini concludes: "The daily press and advertising are good allies and as such must coexist, each benefiting from the other's presence. The technology available on the market is perfectly able to respond to the needs of editors as far as optimizing the production flows of newspapers and their websites.

In my opinion, what blocks the practical application of more advanced technology within the existing production environment is legitimate distrust by editors -- not toward the technologies, but in dealing with the new business models spread by these technologies. Opportunities to introduce them, like those at Sirmione, are a valuable step in dissipating this common sense of distrust."

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