censhare Webinars 2011

Once again, censhare AG will be offering a wide range of webinars this year. In one-hour, free live presentations, you will learn how easy and simple it is to produce a magazine using censhare, how your company can develop its own Apps based on censhare, or how to create Web2Print templates and put these to optimal use globally operating companies.

The following dates for the first three webinars have already been set:

24.03.2011, 4 p.m.: Magazine production with censhare (in German)

In this webinar, we will show you how you can use the censhare system to produce magazines, advertising material or catalogues. Learn how to operate the censhare client, how to work with text and layout assets and create assets with the help of ad booking systems. You will also be trained in page design, the correction processes and how to work on a document without InDesign directly from the system.


28.04.2011, 4 p.m.: Web2Print Portal (in German)

Learn how to create, publish and use Web2Print templates internationally via the web with the censhare system. You will be taught how to work based on the workflow and how users can utilise browsers to access and work on the system from different locations at the same time. Naturally, rights and roles profiles will be shown, and training will also be provided in how to work on a document without InDesign and how to save/retrieve documents that have already been created.


31.05.2011, 4 p.m.: Multichannel publishing / App creation (in German)

Single Source Publishing based on censhare. You will be shown how an online document can be created from a printed document for the web and for mobile applications. You will also have the chance to set up twitter connections, facebook connections and publications. You will see what a workflow looks like by creating an iPad App, and you will be shown how this works together with page design.


Additional webinars on annual reports, newspaper production, flyers for retailers or book publishing via censhare will follow over the course of the year.

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