KARL STORZ, a renowned medtec SME, is now fielding its own censhare app

Making all of our customers’ wishes come true

What does the typical censhare customer look like? While some years ago our customer roster consisted almost exclusively of media companies, our portfolio looks very different today. In addition to media players, more and more SMEs are discovering the decisive and multifaceted benefits our all-in-one solution delivers.

KARL STORZ censhare App

And things have also shifted well beyond the conventional communication channels in the meantime. Output channels extend from Web and print to social media and all the way through to apps – and there are no limits on creative ideas here. The renowned medtec company KARL STORZ is a salient example. This SME ranks as a worldwide leader in the manufacture and sale of endoscopes, medical instruments and devices. The company’s sales experts were looking for a suitable tool that would present the extensive product range in a rapid and concise manner, as well as being structured according to target group specific requirements. This resulted in an all-new app that presents the catalog with a high degree of precision, exactly as desired by both sales staff and customers alike. The app contains more than 360 publications exceeding some 15,000 pages, in addition to 22 films.

Equipped with their iPads, the sales experts are benefitting from a customized app that updates itself continuously. The app automatically extracts all of the relevant information out of the censhare system. Naturally, the content involved here can also be used across all other output channels. Drawing on these functionalities, our customer KARL STORZ was able to create its own app - independently as well as cost efficiently.

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