censhare drops anchor in Hamburg

After setting up operations in Munich, London, Zurich and Verona, censhare continues to chart its consistent growth course and is opening up a new office on February 1, 2010 at Hamburg’s Media Center MC-177.

Nick Leist and Sven Purwins

Nick Leist and Sven Purwins

With Sven Purwins and Nick Leist at the helm, censhare has succeeded in gaining two experienced sales managers for the location. For almost 20 years Sven Purwins has held various managerial positions in the media and publishing house sector and has worked in Germany as well as on international assignments. Over the past 15 years, Nick Leist (MBA) has been active in a number of different positions in the sales and marketing of IT and print solutions.

Hamburg is home to just under 11,000 media companies and represents an ideal starting point to address and attend to customers and prospects on location as well as throughout the entire North German region. Successful publishing houses such as Axel-Springer Verlag, Heinrich Bauer Verlag or JAHR TOP SPECIAL VERLAG are headquartered in Hamburg.
The Media Center MC-177 provides Sven Purwins and Nick Leist with an ideal location where agencies and publishing houses work door-to-door and generate exactly the kind of creative environment for which censhare has been developed.

The decision to work with a product like censhare was easy to make for both professionals: „censhare covers the entire value creation chain in the cross-media production environment of publishing houses and corporations. In my opinion, it is a product that finally delivers on its promises," as Sven Purwins emphasizes. And Nick Leist adds: „The comprehensive, holistic nature of the system makes cross media publishing simple, fast and practical."

Dieter Reichert, CMO and co-founder of censhare AG welcomes the two experts very warmly to the censhare community: „We are very pleased to have two such experienced colleagues as Sven and Nick on board here in Hamburg. Next to Munich, Hamburg is a key media location in Germany. The time is ripe to provide the media companies there with the opportunity to get to know the market leader for comprehensive information and publication management first hand."

The two sales managers can be reached at:

Sven Purwins
Tel. 0151 27511962 or by e-mail

Nick Leist
Tel. 0171 7472647 or by e-mail

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