Migropolis – an exceptional book attracts international awards

Best Book Design from all over the World

After winning the award as one of Germany’s most beautiful books, the Migropolis book project, conducted under the auspices of Professor Scheppe and supported by censhare, has now won a bronze medal of the “Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt/ Best Book Design from all over the World“ competition.

bronze medal

This international competition has been taking place in Leipzig since 1963. All of the books awarded in this competition on an international level have already won prizes on national levels prior to the Leipzig competition..

Migropolis is a special book project illustrating globalization in the context of Venice. The two- volume book project was selected out of 634 books from 32 countries and awarded a bronze medal. The competition bestows a total of 14 awards: a “Golden Letter“, one Gold medal, two silver medals, five bronze medals and five honorary diplomas.

“This work has succeeded in presenting a highly complex and multifaceted topic on a superior level in terms of book design and content. The book impresses with an excellent layout of images and exceptionally concise typography to match the concept. The typeface is small, yet well legible. The field research investigating the city of Venice as an entity (with image contributions, data visualizations, essays, interviews and case studies) has also found an exemplary graphics format; not least, the information graphics are a very convincing aspect,“ were the words of the jury.

The awards was presented on March 19, 2010 at 16:00 at the Leipzig Book Fair.

censhare would like to congratulate the Migropolis team on this award.

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