Monday Morning Memo: A New Generation Rocks Up to the Party

Monday Morning Memo: Eine neue Generation sprengt die Party

As summer moves slowly into fall and we find ourselves restyling wardrobes, mindsets and routines, it seems a fitting time to explore shifting seasons in consumer behavior – both now and in the future. We’ve collected some of the buzz around the topic here, including the generational consumer iceberg, the changing buyer journey, and how to turn your influencer marketing and branded content into a match made in marketing heaven. Enjoy!

Marketers look out, there's a generational iceberg dead ahead – The Drum

Are you ready? “As Boomers, Millennials and Zeds all tip into the next stage of their lives, the accepted ‘norms’ of contemporary consumer behavior are evolving and changing significantly, whether we’re ready or not.” Dave Blendis puts us and or brands to the test with these five questions in regards to impending shifts in consumer behavior. Read More

Beware the Risks of Arrogance and Pride in Business – Rockstar CMO

We check in with Ted Rubin with this piece on the damaging effects that pride and complacency can have on a marketing team – or in fact any goal-oriented team! Noting that confidence can be key to success, it is also important not to allow this confidence to overstep the mark – something which can only be bad for business. Read More

The Buyer’s Journey Has Changed – Marketers Must Adapt or Face Extinction - MarTechAdvisor

The buyer landscape is changing and there ain’t nothing much we can do about it – except adapt! According to Mike Dickerson in this MartechAdvisor article, the key for both B2B and B2C organizations wanting to adapt to new buyer demands, is digital. But who should take the lead on the transformation which facilitates the new buying journey? Why, us marketers of course! Read More

Advancing the integration of digital discovery into the mainstream retail experience – MarketingTech

As summer comes to a close and the holiday mood begins to calm, consumers are concentrating on getting back to their lives, implementing new routines and kitting up their families for the year ahead. Amy Vener discusses how brands can use discoverable tech in order to be visible to the right audience with the right product at the right time. Read More

The Future of Integrated Marketing: When Influencer Marketing and Branded Content Collide – CMSWire

Launching an influencer marketing program and branded content program as separate entities is a mistake which could cost enterprises dearly, according to this piece from Edward Kim. Instead he explores the largely untapped opportunities on offer for organizations who choose to integrate their influencer marketing, endorser partnerships and branded content campaigns. Read More

Lucy Campbell-Woodward Lucy Campbell-Woodward

Lucy is the Digital Marketing Manager and a blog contributor at censhare. Based in Munich, Germany, Lucy forms a pivotal cog in the Corporate Marketing team, always with an eye on keeping the content machines churning. What her resume doesn’t state, however, is an impressive knowledge of Bavarian beer. Prost!

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