Monday Morning Memo: Does Your 2018 Marketing Plan Involve Video?

Monday Morning Memo: Does Your 2018 Marketing Plan Involve Video? An AI Party and a Guide to Influencer Marketing

As the end of the year continues to encroach and planning for 2018 ramps up, this week’s Monday Morning Memo is also a Monday Morning planning session! Video seems to be finding its rightful place among the most important content marketing tools available as the cost for equipment and the learning curve to use it goes down, and is rightfully at the forefront of many marketers’ planning for next year. Also, here’s what you need to know about influencer marketing and how AI is learning to party.

What to Do After You Press Record: A Formula for Videos People Love – Content Marketing Institute

Video is a content marketing topic which is trending more than ever. The subject has been discussed by our VP of Marketing, Ian Truscott, in his Tuesday 2 Cents while he practices what he preaches with Inside censhare . If you’re ready to get your video marketing off the ground but need a place to start, this article will steer you in the right direction.

How are you changing your content marketing program in 2018? – Marketing Land

The mad dash into 2018 has begun. Content marketing continues to evolve and as that happens new strategies need to be laid out and tested. It’s no surprise that video is the key to this author’s 2018 planning, so find out why and what else to set your sights on when planning for next year.

4 Ways Instant Gratification Has Changed Content Marketing – Entrepreneur

There’s no place like the internet to get what you want when you want it and that’s a challenge faced by content marketers as they try to appease both search engines with long form, educational content as well as consumers who want to absorb as much information as quickly as possible. This article is about how content marketers have to adapt to their evermore ravenous audiences.

Influencer Or Imposter? A Quick Guide To Influencer Marketing - Forbes

Influencer marketing is a bit more complicated than the internet’s answer to celebrity endorsement and many marketers are still unclear as to what influencer marketing actually is. This guide will explain what to look for when selecting influencers and what they need to do well to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Amazon AI Speaker Throws ‘Her Own Party’ in Empty Flat, Forcing Police to Break In - Independent

Everyone loves a good party and apparently, that also rings true for our AI devices. One Alexa-enabled speaker in Hamburg, Germany, kept the neighbors awake while her owner was away by playing music at full blast. This is another humorous story about the trials and tribulations which we’ll have to endure as we continue to embrace artificial intelligence.

Douglas Eldridge Douglas Eldridge

Doug Eldridge has worked in marketing and communications for fifteen years, with experience in marketing agencies and software vendors, he’s written for CMSWire, eContent Magazine and various industry blogs. Doug is based in Denver, Colorado, is an alumnus of censhare US and while he is not writing, he is a typical Coloradan, which means a lot of time in mountains and breweries.

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