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A Peek Inside Employee Onboarding

Inside censhare: A Peek Inside Employee Onboarding

In this week’s Inside censhare, Ania Kierczynska, a Technical Project Manager who recently joined us in the UK team, sheds some light on the onboarding process here at censhare which many of the interviewees we feature in this series refer to. Enjoy!

“As an experiment, I typed into my search engine “What to do if my company grows fast?” and was confronted with a page of results talking about the hazards of growing too quickly. One article from Inc Magazine suggested that:

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

But in my opinion growth is exciting; it means that a lot of challenges lie in front of us through which we can prove how great we are as a team! As you may have read elsewhere on our blog, censhare is growing fast which means that it is a very special time for the company, especially as we are growing internationally and across all departments and experience levels.

To avoid some of the scary stories I was reading in my search and to ensure that new colleagues feel like being a part of censhare family, our People & Organization team brings together all newcomers for a monthly onboarding event.

The one which I attended three months ago had a total of 17 participants (including myself). I’m a part of the UK team and since I joined, there are many new faces in the team and we are still hiring .

We started with a warm welcome from our CEO, Dieter Reichert, and Recruiting Manager, Annika Senkovic. During the day we met people from different departments including Roland from pre-sales who demoed the system for us, Manuel who introduced us to the world of ecosphere , and Tatjana and Michael who gave us a quick introduction to Product and Project Development.

And what’s really important – we got to know each other. After an intense day of learning, we went out for a delicious dinner and nice drinks where the integration continued. I can definitely say that our group was very active, curious and hungry for knowledge!

To me, the most interesting part of the day was the introduction by Dieter. I found it very useful to know what our strategy is and in which direction we’re going. I loved the friendly approach and the true leadership qualities that Dieter has. I have this feeling that managers at censhare are generally great leaders, focused on people and their well being while making sure that we have interesting and challenging work and we stay motivated.

To present different views on the onboarding, I asked my colleagues about their feelings and thoughts regarding their onboarding experience.

Marc Fletcher, Technical Project Manager:

Florian Korbella, Presales Consultant:

Sin Hedge, UX Designer:

As you can see, we all loved it. So why not to try it yourself? Check out our open positions and find a perfect match!”

Ania Kierczynska Ania Kierczynska

Ania Kierczynska is a Technical Project Manager at censhare and an big Agile, Management 3.0. and Change Management enthusiast. When she’s not at work, you can find her with a good book and a cup of tea, or anywhere you can see animals. If you have a schnauzer which you love to talk about, you can probably count on becoming friends with her!