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Google underscores value of mobile

Matt Bush, Google’s director of performance, says that marketers are underestimating the value of mobile. It's a significant message for the industry, considering 50% of YouTube video views are now on mobile, and Google has just reported a 400% increase in mobile video views.

Measuring value

Bush’s comments were sparked by a test run of Google’s ‘Store Visits’ product, which estimates the extent to which real world transactions have been affected by online ads. It does this by gathering anonymized location data to monitor store visits, and cross-referencing that with anonymous online behavior across different devices. The results should show how prior online behavior influences behavior offline.

Beta testing results suggest that marketers are underestimating the value of mobile clicks by approximately 10 times. In other words, marketers need to think more about accessing mobile audiences.

Maximizing mobile

Speaking at the Jellyfish Digital Journeys event in Brighton, Bush also said that marketers need to ensure that customers are supplied with relevant and interesting information, arguing, "we need to start thinking about the creative we put in place."

These comments are particularly apt in light of Google’s Phantom 2 algorithm update , which rewards brands that produce content much higher up the decision-making process. Video, however, offers brands an opportunity to engage on a more playful level, bringing out the personality of their offering. As Bush puts it, "the audience is there and wants to be entertained. There is no reason brands can’t get the results that Zoella or someone else might."

Value of context

Christopher Eich, manager of product strategy for Disney ABC Television Group, recently told a Streaming Media conference , "we're not just a content company now, but we're also a context company… we have to figure out ways to use deeper metadata and drive that context, and to drive a richer experience."

Central to this process – whether creating video, text or interactive content – is the use of data. Tools like censhare can help businesses to manage metadata efficiently, organize multimedia assets, target communications across multiple channels, and gauge user engagement and monitor KPIs in real time, making it easier to deliver compelling, personalized customer experiences across mobile and other valuable brand touch points.

censhare Editorial Team censhare Editorial Team

We asked around the office to find out who wrote this and everyone stepped forward and said "I'm the author", our mistake was that we were offering cake.

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