HR Internship

An Intern’s Perspective Into the Heart of censhare

See the world AND get relevant work experience? A college student’s dream come true!

I never imagined that I would be living this dream and I still couldn’t imagine it even when I was on the plane to Munich. I was extremely excited, and slightly terrified, to be starting at a new company, in a country I had never been to. Luckily, adjusting to my new life in Munich was fairly simple. I am proud to say that I only got lost a handful of times. I tried new foods, saw amazing places, mastered public transportation, and learned more than I ever imagined I would.

I’m Emily and I have been an intern in censhare’s Human Resources department for the summer. The minute I walked into the censhare office, I felt right at home. I was warmly welcomed into the company by every colleague. I could immediately tell that this wasn’t going to be the typical coffee-runs-and-copies kind of internship.

My experience didn’t feel like an internship at all. Starting from day one, I was given real and relevant work. I was updated on all the things HR has been doing over the past year and then I was put to work. Under the guidance of my fantastic manager and mentor, Christina, I was able to put my knowledge and skills to the test. I was given the ability to think outside the box and problem solve strategically. I was encouraged to jump right in and be a part of the team.

One of my favorite things about censhare is that hierarchy is not a barrier to ideas and creativity. On a daily basis I would interact with everyone in the company, from peers to managers and even the board. My ideas were heard and taken into consideration – my colleagues truly cared what I had to say. At censhare it doesn’t matter what your status is, everyone is on an equal playing field. Even though I was an intern I felt like I was on the same level as everyone at the company and I collaborated with everyone, including the CEO. It’s a special feeling and one that is almost unheard of as an intern at a global software company.

I joined censhare’s HR team at the perfect time. There has been so much excitement in the quickly growing company. Working at such a fast paced company taught me to always remain agile and take on any challenge. My work with the continuous feedback initiative not only taught me how to implement a new program from the ground up, but also showed me how important feedback is to employee development and company culture. Working at a multinational company gave me a new perspective on life inside and outside of the office. I am grateful for my time working alongside people of different cultures because it taught me more than I could ever learn in a classroom. I discovered how much work goes into being a part of a small HR team for a not so small company and how a company can work both leanly and efficiently, and how rewarding it is in return. Finally, I learned that I am on the right track. My internship at censhare solidified my passion for HR.

I do not know what my future holds, but thanks to censhare I am prepared to take on whatever challenges come my way. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, the company, especially the people, blew me away. As I head back for my final semester of college, I will carry the lessons learned and memories made with me. Thank you to those at censhare for being so friendly, accommodating, and inspiring. I will value my experience forever.

Emily Caja Emily Caja

I am currently a senior at The Ohio State University, pursuing a degree in Human Resources at the Max M. Fisher College of Business. For the summer of 2017, I am interning as a HR Generalist at censhare AG in Munich, Germany. My past and current positions have exposed me to a wide variety of HR functions including recruiting, college relations, on boarding, and continuous development.

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