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Product Information Management

The single source of information that puts product data at everyone’s fingertips.

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Product Information Management

Accurate, Up to Date Sales and Marketing Material. Every Time.

Banish the fear of using the wrong content. censhare Product Information Management (PIM) handles the central management and automatic updating of all your product data - from specifications to prices, customer service information to SKUs. With the latest product data always at their fingertips, it’s never been easier for your teams to efficiently create powerful and accurate customer experiences across any channel.

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million files on 420,000 products

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What is PIM?

Product Information Management can sometimes be a bit of a complex topic to approach from scratch. But don't worry if you are struggling! Check out this informational page for all things PIM, from the basics to how to get started within your business.

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Product Information Management integrates all product data into a single record.

  • Ensure the latest product information is always used in every channel

  • Save time, costs, and resources by eliminating separate, isolated systems

  • Avoid product errors in literature, reducing customer complaints and financial losses

  • Easily and quickly correct errors in a product record

  • Automatically check information is complete

Universal Content Management simplifies the use of digital assets to create omnichannel marketing campaigns. Combine PIM with DAM and CMS to automatically transform assets for delivery across channels or create a 'Single Source of Truth' for all product related information.

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Product Information Management handles even the most comprehensive product data, allowing you to produce accurate sales and marketing content in record time. Manage master product data records and automatically update content on websites, online shops, mobile apps, print collateral and POS applications.

Product Data Management

Manages all product information, relating it directly to product groups, families, and variants. Links product data to media and product descriptions.

  • Flexible product information structures

  • In line processing of product master data

  • Connections to all media assets

  • Mass processing of product data

  • Process based automation

  • Product variant management

  • Integrated editor for mass data editing

Product Data Quality

Checks the quality of product data to identify potential improvements.

  • Checks the completeness of product content and uses individual approval processes for checking data

  • Configurable completeness checks, including quality gates and quality gate reporting

  • Integrated workflows

  • Versioning of all content

Product Data Export

Publishes product content directly from the PIM solution to communication channels, or transfers product information to external systems.

  • Manual, partial or fully automated export to communication channels

  • Provisions product content to external systems via XML feeds and APIs

Product Classification Management

  • Product classification based on industry standard GS1 GPC (Global Product Classification)

Data integration of the application Product Information Management.

Product Data Integration

  • Interface to Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

  • PDI consists of a core data integration engine, and GUI applications that allow the user to define data integration jobs and transformations

  • PDI supports deployment on single node computers as well as on a cloud or cluster

censhare Modules

The censhare platform is a powerful tool that can be matched to your needs by adding optional modules. Need to manage print, produce variants efficiently, develop localized content or get your web assets in order? censhare has the time-saving, frustration-beating module for you.

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