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Digital Asset Management

With centralized digital assets you can focus on your customers, not on managing content.

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Digital Asset Management

Powerful Marketing, Without Chasing Your Tail

censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) automates all the boring tasks leaving you free to focus on creating the optimal customer experience. Use the latest images, documents, graphics, media files, and other assets to create, edit and update any content. Link assets any way you want, add references and other vital information such as source or usage rights.

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What is DAM?

There's a lot to know about Digital Asset Management and learning about what it can do for your organization can be overwhelming at first. Check out this informational page for all things DAM, from the basics to how to get started within your business.

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With Digital Asset Management, teams can create, store, use, and edit content that’s always up to date and easily searchable.

  • Eliminate data silos to boost collaboration and ignite creativity between teams

  • Boost productivity by enabling users to quickly find the content they need

  • Avoid outdated content being used and risking costly errors

  • Easily use content in Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word and other software

Universal Content Management simplifies the use of digital assets to create omnichannel marketing campaigns. Combine DAM with PIM and CMS to automatically transform assets for delivery across channels, or to create a 'Single Source of Truth' for product related information.

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Digital Asset Management centrally stores a single record for each asset, which is used by all teams. Each asset can be flexibly linked to any related information, such as target audience, source, usage rights, or other information, enabling your teams to intuitively search for any content.

Upload, Edit and Download

Easily upload any file type as a digital asset by drag and drop, via automated processes or interfaces (APIs).

  • Supports all file formats, including video and 3D

  • Bulk upload and export via drag and drop

  • Automated import and export

  • Transfer of metadata (XMP, EXIF, IPTC)

  • Multi level duplicate checks

Manage, Organize and Archive

Functions for managing, organizing, and archiving digital assets and associated metadata.

  • Flexible tagging and definition of features

  • Automated versioning

  • Integrated image editor

  • Interactive previews for all relevant 3D file formats

  • Image and video version generation

  • Rule based archiving and de-archiving

  • Management of different language, region, and content versions

Search, Find and Filter

Full text search for all content and metadata.

  • Multiple views with filters: list, gallery, card, column, relation, detail

  • Smart, detailed, and expert search

  • Smart, intuitive filters

  • Searches can be stored and shared

  • No query language knowledge required, even for complex searches

censhare Modules

The censhare platform is a powerful tool that can be matched to your needs by adding optional modules. Need to manage print, produce variants efficiently, develop localized content or get your web assets in order? censhare has the time-saving, frustration-beating module for you.

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