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censhare ecosphere days 2017

September 29 - 30, Munich

Thank you for attending ecosphere 2017. We were fortunate enough to have some great speakers and you can find out more about them below and download their presentations.


  • Rusty Warner

    Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

    Learn More

    Rusty Warner is a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, serving B2C Marketing Professionals. His research is focused on marketing technologies, including customer analytics, crosschannel campaign management, enterprise marketing platforms, real time interaction management, and digital customer experience delivery. You can read more on his blog .

  • Cathy McKnight

    Co-founder and Vice President of Consulting and Operations of Digital Clarity Group

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    As a founding partner of Digital Clarity Group and leader of its enterprise consulting practice, Cathy helps organizations transform the way technology can enable business strategy and performance. In her current role, Cathy has helped dozens of companies realize their content and marketing/communication objectives.

  • Matthias Wesselmann

    Board Member of fischerAppelt

    Learn More

    Matthias Wesselmann is a board member of fischerAppelt AG, the largest German owner-managed communications agency for content, motion picture and digital marketing. Previously, the studied media scientist was responsible, among other things, for the international marketing of the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra. He is now chairman of the focus group Content Marketing at BVDW.

  • Temel Kahyaoglu

    Board Member of The Group of Analysts

    Learn More

    Temel Kahyaoglu is a board member of The Group of Analysts, a European market research company that is considered to be the alternative to major analysts from the US such as Gartner and Ventana. He has been working in the software sector since the beginning of 2000, and has been implementing and distributing media asset management systems with major industrial enterprises for many years.

  • Dieter Reichert

    CEO of censhare AG

    Learn More

    Dieter Reichert is CEO and co-founder of censhare AG. Reichert founded various social institutions, and in 1992, he was the founder of Vision GmbH, which quickly became the most important system integrator for publishers in German-speaking countries and was sold to Quark Inc. Since 2001, Reichert has been responsible for the strategic development and global marketing of censhare.

Day 1



Dieter Reichert, CEO, censhare AG, learn more


Opening Keynote

The 4th revolution in Marketing & Communications: from silos to smart ecosystems


Matthias Wesselmann, Board Member, fischerAppelt, learn more


Context and Orchestration

How do you manage all the moving parts that are required for contextually relevant marketing?


Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, learn more

Putting the moving parts together – a renaissance of system integration


Andreas Klostermaier, CEO, append[x] GmbH, learn more


Content is the Core

How Digital Asset Management is the engine of our digital experience platform strategies


Theresa Regli, Industry Expert, Chief Strategy Officer at KlarisIP, learn more

Lufthansa & Solutions. From a Digital Asset management to a gobal Marketingsuite

Florian Paul, Managing Partner, Serviceplan Solutions, learn more


It’s a Multichannel World

Our websites are still the central destination for our multi-channel digital marketing, learn more about the latest best practices


Cathy McKnight, Co-founder and Vice President of Consulting and Operations of Digital Clarity Group, learn more

censhare: The Web CMS at Endress+Hauser. Challenges in the old World / Benefits of the new Paradigm

Andreas Camenzind, Head of eServices - Corporate Marketing Communication, Endress+Hauser Group Services, learn more


Product Information is Key to Commerce

The digital savvy consumer has an increased thirst for detailed product information, before they make a purchase, find out how managing and publishing product information is now critical to brands


Temel Kahyaoglu, Chief Analyst, The Group of Analysts AG, learn more

Product Information Management graduates to Product Experience Management - A new Enterprise Product Information Solution for BSH


Daniel Correns, Senior Project Manager IT, BSH Home Appliances Group, learn more


Bringing it All Together

Summary of the day

Ian Truscott, Global VP Marketing, censhare AG, learn more

Conducting content - bringing structure to (the chaos of) making great content


James Naylor, Group Publishing Manager, Slimming World, learn more


Closing Comments

Dieter Reichert, CEO, censhare AG, learn more

Day 2



Dieter Reichert, CEO, censhare AG, learn more


Product Update / Product Strategy

Product Highlights 2017 & Strategy


Thomas Obermeier, Head of Presales, censhare AG, learn more

Matthias Zimmermann, Product Management, censhare AG, learn more


Partner Showcase

FACELIFT - from good to great


Benjamin Schroeter, CEO, FACELIFT brand building technologies GmbH, learn more

CHILI Publisher - the hottest online document editor


Kevin Goeminne, CEO, CHILI Publish, learn more

EPAM - we solve problems, imagine, design and deliver experience that change the world


Egbert Hendriks, Sr. Director Digital Engagement, EPAM Systems, learn more

Peter William Cronin, Head Business Development DACHNL, EPAM Systems, learn more


Executive Town Hall

The censhare board


Event Closing Comments

Dieter Reichert, CEO, censhare AG, learn more