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Futureday 2014

Visionary Thinking: Communication, Digitalization and Customer Engagement. Thinkers, practitioners and experts from the digital and real world present trends, relating to society and consumption.

The previous Futuredays 2012 and 2010 were highly successful: Each attracted over 300 guests. The participants followed lectures on digital future, hybrid communication society or modern customer. Experts and an interested audience exchanged experiences and knowledge and celebrated together. We invite you to continue this great series of events with us on 22 May, 2014.

The Futureday 2014 is a unique event. We dare views into the future of technology and changes in consciousness. International top speakers, analysts and thinkers provide background information on changes in human information and communication. In lectures and discussions we will discover the importance of technology for customer loyalty. Changes of corporate strategy will be discussed and visions for businesses and individuals will be derived.

Thinkers, practitioners and experts from the digital and real world present trends, relating to society and consumption and invite you on a visionary journey into the future of interconnected societies.


Sascha Lobo

Sascha Lobo, the well-known author and blogger, has been shaping the media landscape for many years with his controversial debates about „humans in the digital world”, social media and the Internet. In his presentation titled What „social” really means – and why it’s impossible to escape he will demonstrate that the growing interconnectedness between the digital and social worlds has not only fundamentally changed the way we communicate, but can also turn entire business models and sectors upside down.

Catharina van Delden

Catharina van Delden is the CEO of innosabi GmbH, a leading provider of crowdsourcing and co-creation that consults companies such as Ford, EDEKA and Continental. She will hold a talk called The customer wants to have a say – crowdsourcing in product development in which she will elucidate how to integrate customers in the early phases of innovative processes, thereby letting them participate in product development and consequently raising product and company acceptance.

Horace Dediu

Horace Dediu, a Romanian-American industry analyst with a focus on Apple, Nokia and Microsoft, is known for his analyses of Apple’s business strategy, as well as for his role as a talk show host and blogger. This expert will share his inside knowledge about the Transformation of Business and Society through Technology. During his presentation, he will illustrate how user-centered services such as Amazon, Facebook and other technological feats have given rise to social changes.

Paula Camporaso

Paula Camporaso, the CIO of GoPro, the company that manufactures the world’s most versatile action camera, will explain how and why a product manufacturer decided to become an international media company. Her talk titled GoPro, what’s next? will show how large amounts of user-generated content and the needs of a rapidly growing community triggered this strategic business decision.

Dieter Reichert

Dieter Reichert, the CEO of censhare AG, will bring together scientific approaches, future-oriented research and personal experience in one unique synopsis. In Right here, right now he will describe how companies turn the dialog with customers and interested parties into the core of their communication strategy, and concludes this series of presentations.

Markets are conversations. The customer at the focus of digital marketing strategies: that is the overarching motto of the subsequent panel of experts, which will focus on how companies and their customers are increasingly interlinked. The panel consists of high-ranking marketing decision-makers from companies including Deutsche Bank and Vitra AG as well as the founder of the fischerAppelt agency group, and will concentrate on topics such as customer engagement, marketing automation and social media dialog. The top-class circle will be moderated by Johannes F. Woll, a management consultant for strategy development and communication.


2 pm


2.15 pm

Sascha Lobo:
What „social” really means – and why it’s impossible to escape

3.15 pm

Catharina van Delden:
The customer wants to have a say – crowdsourcing in product development

4 pm

Networking Break

4.45 pm

Horace H. Dediu:
Transformation of Business and Society through Technology

5.30 pm

Paula Camporaso:
GoPro, what’s next?

6 pm

Dieter Reichert:
Right here, right now

6.15 pm

Panel of experts with:
Matthias Wesselmann, CMO, Vitra AG
Bernhard Fischer-Appelt, CEO, fischerAppelt AG
Catharina van Delden, CEO, innosabi GmbH
Paula Camporaso, CIO, GoPro
Hyun-Min Moon, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

7 pm

Get-Together featuring Flying Buffet

Open end


Lilienthalallee 37
80939 München


The Futureday is a cooperation of censhare AG and its partners

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