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Inside censhare: Ruy Ramos, International Man of censhare

This week on Inside censhare I sit down with Ruy Ramos, based in Stockholm and Head of Presales for Benelux and the Nordics, on one of his many trips to Munich.

Ruy has made a very brief appearance on Inside censhare once before - in a non-speaking role - when we officially opened the Benelux and Nordics headquarters and has been instrumental in supporting censhare’s growth in this region.

In fact, since filming this video a few weeks ago, we have hired new team members for him, so he’s no longer quite as alone as he sounds. He’s also been joined by a community of new partners, such as Holy Grow and Consid , is working with new clients (which we can’t quite mention yet) and existing customers like Oriflame .

Ruy’s story is typical of many of the employees I speak to in that he joined our business for its culture, progressed, made use of opportunities to travel and created a very successful career. I really like Ruy’s view: “I realised I like people more than computers”, and I think that sums up our client partnership and employee culture.

There is way more to Ruy’s story than we share in this video, he’s fantastic company and it was great to spend time with him on Inside censhare. I hope you enjoy the video.

Ian Truscott Ian Truscott

Ian Truscott has the unofficial and honory title of the “Träger des Firmen-Megaphons” for censhare, bringing 20 years of B2B software experience to our company (surely starting as a child) to lead marketing here. Luckily for us in the Munich office, he’s found the kettle and some tea bags – look at him, he’s happy.


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