Solving the Challenges of Large Scale Localization and Globalization Efforts

Solving the Challenges of Large Scale Localization and Globalization Efforts

Anyone who has worked in the digital space for any length of time understands quickly that it’s a lot more complex than just writing a blog and deciding what to do with the content. As many people find out quickly, even writing blogs well requires a level of expertise that is often not taken into account. So, when you get to the really hard stuff like localizing content, it does take not only expertise but the right software.

The best marketing campaigns are only good if it’s presented to the right audience. The reality is, your audience is different from country to country. Even if your product is just as relevant in China as it is in Texas, it doesn’t take a marketing genius to understand that the messaging has to be different in both places.

Achieving meaningful localization and globalization on a large scale can be daunting, but there are strategies and tools that can help. Learn from experts, including censhare’s CEO, Dieter Reichert, in an upcoming comprehensive discussion about the challenges of undertaking this kind of project.

The more you know, the easier marketing becomes which is why tuning into discussions like this is so valuable. On Tuesday, February 28th, get insight into the tools and practices of global marketing teams in this webinar hosted by eContent Magazine.

Turn Complexity into Value: An Integrated Approach to Content Localization

Learn how to tailor and manage content for the requirements of multiple regions, territories and traditions. Discover how to overcome the inherent complexity of localization with an integrated approach to marketing.

The Mobile Future of Globalized Content

Explore mobile globalization trends and challenges of mobile app localization. Also, you’ll
learn what the best practices and considerations for localizing your mobile app are.

The Future of Global Agency and Specialized Vendor Alignment

Global marketing pain points are plentiful but this webinar will explain the major ones, and touch on how solve them with language and culture at the core. Learn how to create a true global hub-and-spoke brand system - a strong invitation to go global, and think local.

Register here for the webinar and start simplifying one of the most complex parts of digital marketing.

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