Inside censhare: Backstage at OMR

This week we have a special Inside censhare in that we are outside censhare, with film from the Online Marketing Rockstar Festival in Hamburg.

In this video we take a look around this massive event and get a flavour of what 40,000 digital marketers experienced over two days and I grab a couple of folks to get their impression of what was a hectic two days for our team.

You also get a brief glimpse into a few of the things we were doing at OMR:

  • Firstly, we were exhibiting with our partners Facelift and Upljft , demonstrating that for a contemporary Digital Experience Platform, enterprise content management and social go hand in hand.

  • We also ran a really cool demonstration showing a real time marketing solution powered by censhare and featuring beacon technology (from Sonobeacon ), real time omnichannel delivery ( 360Dialog ) and of course social interaction (via Facelift), and we are so excited about it that we will be publishing a video about that on its own shortly.

  • We announced our sponsorship of an awesome new marketing web publication, Rockstar CMO , which enabled our team to become rock stars, if only for one day.

  • I also grabbed Egon, our VP Global Sales, to get a quick update from him (including a nice long list of new partners and clients) from him since the last time we had him on Inside censhare .

  • You also get to see me waving my arms around conducting a workshop and for a change, I get interviewed, by possibly the tallest man in our company.

A fantastic event and if you couldn’t be there, I hope you enjoy this video and get a flavour of what you missed and maybe we will see you there next year!

Ian Truscott Ian Truscott

Ian Truscott has a passion for creating ART (Awareness, Revenue and Trust) for B2B software companies as a marketing leader and is a censhare alumni. Wanting to connect a like minded community and share something useful, he founded Rockstar CMO, a monthly digital publication, and is currently helping B2B companies create ART at appropingo.

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