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censhare Digital Experience Platform: Management, organization and archival of the Digital Asset Management application.

DAM Collaboration, Relationships and Driving a Better Digital Experience

Digital Asset Management is quickly becoming the go to technology for marketers and marketing technologists. As further personalisation and even more creative treatments and channels explode across the organisation, so the need is to have a robust and all encompassing technology that controls the chaotic media space. No longer can digital asset operations be handled by email or spreadsheets alone.

Creative marketing content has changed, as we know. From an exchange of text and spoken word (whilst it can still be this), it has evolved to a complex network of marketing interactions and engagement, where the customer is the boss, and demands the digital experience to be flexible, compelling and consistent.

But not all DAM solutions are the same.

Whilst many provide a fast and secure ROI born out of the ability to manage standards and build automated workflows within the organization, not all can incorporate all types of digital media asset, their management and usage.

Think of all the new media channels such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D experience, HTML 5 or any other that might be realised now or in the future. The technology has to have the capability to manage these formats and channels, and to share and manipulate in a coordinated way. The technology therefore needs to be flexible to accommodate all media types.

censhare Digital Experience Platform: Integrated communication of the Collaboration and Process Management application.

And as enterprises become ever more complex and it is necessary to provide creative brand communications on a faster scale, so the need to collaborate more effectively across the organization becomes more critical.

Having a DAM solution that supports employees working together on files with communication functionality can either work as a brainstorming capability or to communicate tasks. This way, creative content and brand communications can be generated quickly and efficiently together as with an inclusive corporation. Privileges based functionality enables the organization to gain speedy approvals and a faster time to market.

Capturing Digital Asset Relationships

By capturing the relationships that exist between assets and also the workflow processes that drive their marketing communications , companies can track assets and their usage to drive business processes and support decision making.

Enterprises want to understand the full context in which their assets are used.

Semantic information linkage of the censhare Digital Asset Management.

The connection between people and creative content as assets allows improved collaboration, version control and the overall workflow process. Companies can also manage projects, provide privileges and communication with partners, freelancers, departments and subsidiaries. Managing the network of relationships, companies can build a comprehensive understanding of asset use, reuse and transformations towards better brand communications.

censhare ’s information-centric approach allows digital asset relationships to be harnessed as an interconnecting, semantic network. Content and it’s relations can be utilized for targeting and managed seamlessly through all integrated channels.

As a result, censhare offers class leading DAM functionality to ensure consistent brand communications across countries, channels, devices and languages for any media type and scale. It provides for a connected company where all departments and key stakeholders are equally involved and get all the coordinated benefits from working with a single system. Above all, it enables companies to support each part of the customer journey in a quick, meaningful and contextualised way to enhance the digital experience.