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About censhare - We Empower Your Communication

We are dedicated to supporting our clients in communicating with their target groups - better, faster and with a sharp focus on specific requirements.

Our Mission

censhare is an international software firm deploying innovative technologies enabling companies to master the next generation of digital communication.

For more than 20 years, the censhare team has been offering comprehensive digital platforms geared to creating, shaping and designing engaging customer experiences. We regard each client as a partner and each project as a collaboration. Which is why we are always committed helping our partners as best as possible, while learning as much as possible from their specific challenges.

What We Believe In

censhare is the vision of new communication in a networked world. A world in which individuals, profiles, products and information are related and semantically linked and interconnected. A world in which offerings, content and messages can be disseminated to recipients in the most individual, focused and appropriate manner possible. Always in the right context, with pinpoint precision. A world in which companies participate in the dialog and interactions with their target groups.

Step up Your Customer Experiences

Learn how to automate Communications and Marketing, optimize your processes, and increase customer loyalty and engagement with censhare, while saving time and costs.

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What We Do Best

  • Software

    State of the Art Technology, Made in Germany

    We harness the most advanced technologies, as well as opting for stable and future proof solutions, open standards and simple integration. When it comes to delivering leading edge corporate solutions, our Munich based team of highly specialized software developers is dedicated to keeping that decisive step ahead of competitors.

  • Know-How

    More Than 20 Years of Communication Experience

    Drawing on decades of experience, we are able to offer companies the perfect solution to integrate their communication and boost customer engagement. Our employees possess the latest, most advanced industry knowledge and are committed to conveying their knowledge throughout the company and our partner network.

  • Collaboration

    Customer Relations Based on Trust and Respect

    We are proud of our loyal customers - and we regard ourselves as their partners, and not merely as service providers. We are passionate about doing our best in understanding the requirements and demands of our partners and making almost anything possible. Often in the most challenging of situations.

Who We Are

  • Dieter Reichert

    CEO censhare AG / MD censhare US

    +49 89 568236-100

    Dieter Reichert is responsible for strategy, communication and marketing. Dieter Reichert draws on extensive know-how acquired in publishing houses, as well as in his position as founder of various IT companies.

  • Robert Motzke

    CPO censhare AG

    +49 89 568236-200

    Robert Motzke heads up the conception and product management activities. He looks back on almost 30 years as software developer and is the creative mastermind behind censhare.

  • Walter Bauer

    CTO censhare AG

    +49 89 568236-201

    Walter Bauer is responsible for censhare technology. The graduate IT scientist and passionate software designer is a real fanatic when it comes to optimizing performance.

  • Stephan Wehselau

    CFO censhare AG

    +49 89 568236-510

    Stephan Wehselau is responsible for controlling and accounting, controls and optimizes equity and debt financing and allows expansion and company restructuring.

  • Rainer Heckmann

    censhare US, Inc.

    +1 408 604 0801

    Rainer Heckmann leads censhare’s business in the USA. He worked with international customers across the globe and has an extensive background in enterprise software and product marketing.

  • Phil Arnold

    MD censhare UK

    +44 (0)20 7870 4834

    Phil Arnold is responsible for censhare’s business in United Kingdom and Ireland. He has been supporting the implementation of complex censhare projects since 2008 with his outstanding technical know-how.

  • Jürg Weber

    CEO censhare CH

    +41 44 454 60 61

    Jürg Weber heads up censhare’s marketing activities in Switzerland. He draws on many years of experience in marketing, advertising production and cross media system integration.

  • Torben Buchhorn

    MD censhare France

    +33 (0) 1 73 19 12 33

    Torben Buchhorn is in charge of censhare´s business in France. He studied media technologies and management in Germany and Sweden. During the last 6 years he provided consultancy and project services to censhare clients and prospects around the globe.

  • Pieter Stroop

    MD censhare Benelux & Nordics

    +31 (0) 6 512 28 479

    Pieter Stroop is responsible for censhare’s business in the Benelux and the Nordics. He has been working in data intelligence and marketing automation, in leading client facing roles in the Benelux for the past 20 years.

  • Karan Chatrath

    GM censhare IN

    +91 124 4536213

    Karan Chatrath leads censhare’s business in India. He has studied engineering & management and draws on extensive experience in strategy and marketing from working with global organizations.