Making The Right DAM Choice With The Right Vendor

The vendor selection matrix from Research in Action considers and ranks the top 20 global DAM vendors, making it an important resource for those looking to invest in a DAM system.

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Morag Cuddeford-JonesSeptember 19, 2019
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Understanding the market for digital asset management (DAM) software on a global scale is no easy task. For a start, the 2019 martech landscape supergraphic by Scott Brinker lists over 7,000 vendors of marketing solutions, so it’s no small wonder that identifying the right solution from the right vendor can be a baffling exercise.

But certain resources can help you to cut through the noise at particular stages of your journey. The Vendor Selection Matrix Digital Asset Management SaaS and Software: The Top 20 Global Vendors by Research in Action, for example, does exactly this for those looking for a digital asset management (DAM) solution.

Providing an evaluation of 20 global vendors and their DAM solutions, the selection matrix is just the thing for those wanting to see how particular vendors compare against each other within this field. And importantly, it is not biased in doing so.

Now, that sounds an odd thing to say, but when you realize that many such matrices are built from almost 100% analyst opinion, it is easy to understand how valuable this particular matrix is in offering a valid interpretation of the current market’s realities - with 60% of its evaluation results coming from a buyer survey of around 1,500 business and IT managers from enterprise and SMB businesses.

In fact, Research in Action’s evaluation of the DAM SaaS and software space takes in a total of 45,000 data points across a variety of sources, including press reports, peer contacts, social media, webinars, events, and more.

But before you hurry off to view the summary of this resource, we'd like to point out that it places censhare among in the top 5 DAM vendors globally! You can discover why we have been highlighted as a top choice among buyers, along with how we compare to other providers , by viewing the summary of the selection matrix here.

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