Wirz: Strategic Partnership with censhare

Publishing processes are complex, while their significance is on the rise. Large companies in particular find themselves confronted with tremendous challenges. Such challenges arise, for example, in the efficient administration, management and processing involving marketing content such as visuals, texts, prices, video and audio files, etc.

Thomas Städeli, Managing Director Wirz Werbung

Thomas Städeli, Managing Director Wirz Werbung

Linear publishing workflows are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. The most convincing answer to the question of how quality can be guaranteed, processes mapped digitally and transparently managed in the pre-press stage – and thereby faster and more cost efficiently – is dynamic publishing.

Dynamic publishing consists of bundling communication projects to form a consistent, holistic and strategic process. Based on a single system, the entire material for print, web and mobile is development and also produced.

Wirz Werbung AG and censhare have now forged a strategic partnership. In addition to the use of the system for selected clients, Wirz and the specialists at censhare will join forces to adjust and finesse the existing tools for specific, individual tasks arising in future and will integrate the acquired know-how into the ongoing, further product development processes.

Jürg Weber, CEO censhare Schweiz: «In Wirz Werbung we have now gained a key partner. The advertising specialists are well aware that the automation of processes, in addition to the development of major, channel independent ideas, represent key building blocks and decisive service offerings for full service agencies, now and in future.»

Thomas Städeli, Managing Director Wirz Werbung: «In order to remain a strong, high performance production partner for our customers in future we must stay abreast of the latest technology developments. In our opinion, censhare currently ranks as the leading provider of innovative publsihing tools. That is why we decided to join forces with censhare in creating system solutions that will enable our customers to realize faster and more efficient communication proceses.»

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