Who We Are

Operating globally, we support hundreds of brands with one of the world’s leading content and marketing platforms.

Our Journey

Founded as CoWare AG 2001, we provided leading expertise in system integration and quickly grew into an international organization.

In 2017, we joined forces with DuMont, one of Germany’s oldest and biggest media companies, forming part of its Marketing Technology strategy. The company’s commitment and support saw it become our majority stakeholder in 2019.

As of today, we are nearing 300 employees, still engineer our platform in Munich, Germany, but deliver our solutions worldwide through our global network of locations and expert partners.

We began by solving content problems for the most demanding of clients – companies operating in the rapidly developing and highly competitive publishing industry, which faced significant digital disruption.

Today, every company has a second business – they have become content publishers, as brands invest in content marketing and owning their own media channels. Our platform delivers them efficiency, omnichannel reach and content monetization.

Organizations from every industry use our platform to manage this wealth of content. We are proud of the brands and companies we work with.

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are open and collaborative – doers and thinkers who work with committed partners to provide excellence for our customers.

dare to be different – as pioneers, we ask the hard questions and take new paths to find the answers.

strive for excellence - our people delve deep into customer problems and build the engineering and delivery solutions to solve them.

care about being a reliable partner – our German engineered solutions are backed by serious investors who are with us for the long term.

Universal Content

The lesson from our publishing history is that successful communication is based on great content. censhare is a platform with content at its heart, offering both central management and global sharing of content across any channel, touch point, language or customer expectation.

With our platform, content management and delivery are centralized, while content operations are automated. So, instead of spending a lot of costly time on handling content admin tasks manually, our customers have the freedom to create engaging experiences.

We believe companies grow by turning the creativity of their staff into great content, available to all and delivered to meet the needs of their audiences.

Today, censhare is a content and marketing platform that helps a wide range of customers achieve their digital transformation and omnichannel strategies.

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Product Innovation

Innovation is our watchword. We don’t choose technology based on what’s fashionable, but out of a desire to find excellent and long-term solutions which solve real business needs. Again and again we have skipped trends which later proved to be dead ends and engineered our own solutions whenever needed.

As a result, today we have a differentiated, advanced technology based on our patent pending graph database, which is incredibly fast at delivering contextualized, highly personalized content. It’s the ultimate answer to the challenge of delivering content to meet consumers’ needs, across the whole customer journey.

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