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censhare dialog with Johannes F. Woll

Day after day censhare meets and interacts with people with exceptional opinions, viewpoints and perspectives, whether on the future of communication, media and publishing or simply on the issues of our time. Our dialogs introduce you to interesting personalities and opinions. See and listen in our first dialog to Johannes F. Woll, founder and manager of “Schweizer Degen. Media & Publishing Consulting“, about the future of publishers: „Publishing houses and media companies will have to part with the concept that content is the viable business model of the future.“

Johannes F. Woll (M.A. phil.) studied work and organization psychology and philosophy and consults media, and publishing and graphics companies in the areas of strategy and business development, marketing and communication. Johannes Woll is also active as the chairman and moderator of the “Media & Publishing“ Xpert group (with more than 18,500 members), as well as the founder and head of the regional Ambassador Group Munich with more than 70,000 members on the XING business platform.

censhare Editorial Team censhare Editorial Team

We asked around the office to find out who wrote this and everyone stepped forward and said "I'm the author", our mistake was that we were offering cake.


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