Flexibility Today, Automation For Tomorrow

R+V Versicherung, Germany’s second largest insurance provider uses censhare to ensure it maintains its competitive advantage in a competitive marketplace.

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Lucy Campbell-Woodward10. Februar 2023
  • Digital Asset Management
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In this day and age, insurance is much more than a ‘buy it, then forget about it’ product. It is also a highly competitive marketplace, with consumers attentive to value for money from their policies and new providers are springing up all the time. The onus is very much on the insurer to capture the consumer’s attention and then communicate with clarity and effectiveness.

Take an insurer like R+V Versicherung. Germany’s second largest insurance provider serves nearly nine million customers with a portfolio of insurance and pension products. But with size and expertise comes complexity and the potential for confusion. In order to maintain its highly competitive position in the market, the insurer needed to find a way of managing its content more effectively and at lower cost, all the while keeping the connection with its customers – present and potential.

In this detailed and informative case study, you will learn how censhare helped R+V Versicherung:

  • Move its Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Headless CMS 100% into the cloud for a tailored marketing automation solution
  • Create a flexible DAM and Headless CMS architecture that allowed for seamless content delivery to other marketing systems.
  • Build a foundation for future expansion with the potential to add print production capabilities in the near future.

By forming a flexible, easily extendable content management solution for R+V Versicherung, censhare and its cloud management partner, DIU, have not only given the insurer a much leaner, more efficient organization today – but made sure it is fully equipped for any challenges the future may throw at it.

Find out more about how R+V Versicherung, censhare and DIU worked together to create this modern of systems in an established legacy organization.

Lucy Campbell-Woodward
Lucy ist Head of Marketing bei censhare und leitet das globale Team bei der abgestimmten Planung und Umsetzung der censhare Marketingstrategie. Lucy ist seit 2017 im Team und spielt seit einigen Jahren eine zentrale Rolle im censhare Marketing-Team, das sie 2022 in eine Führungsrolle übernommen hat.

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