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Creating the real-time marketing cloud

The consumer has moved on from the industrial age thinking of a structured marketing, sales and service customer journey. Within moments, the digitally empowered consumer can flit between channels, brand and service providers to find what meets their needs.

As marketers, we need to be in that moment, to engage in real time with the support of all of our data and content to provide a consistent, coherent customer service.

For many organizations, real time marketing is a challenge. It’s not just a quick single channel fix but a holistic approach to the customer experience which cuts across the typical organizational silos and systems within organizations.

Uqqua by censhare

censhare understands that delivering this within a digital transformation or Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy requires more than just a single a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) or Marketing Cloud. It is the integration and orchestration of a number of enterprise systems.

Uqqua by censhare offers a solution via a content and data backbone which seamlessly integrates into existing enterprise marketing infrastructure, including CRM, Web Analytics and Marketing Automation systems, and then delivers to the consumer in real-time.

Ask the Huichol people of Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains about Uqqua. They use this word to describe “secret smoke”, a trusted and ancient way to communicate.

What is Uqqua?

Using the censhare Universal, Smart Content platform as it’s foundation, Uqqua by censhare includes:

  • An integration layer that enables data from enterprise back-office customer systems, like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, to enrich digital channel behavior data and deliver a highly relevant, personalized experience

  • A social media communication engine which enables the orchestration and measurement of social media engagement

  • A real-time delivery engine that provides consistent, personalized 1-to-1 conversations across mobile, social and the web

All this is delivered as a turn-key cloud solution, ready to be integrated into your existing systems and business processes.

censhare manages, publishes and optimizes customer interactions consitently across all touchpoints and channels.
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