September, 2019


censhare und semcona – mit Relevanzoptimierung auf die Google Pole Position

Available in German only, the on demand Webinar answers these questions: what we mean by relevance optimization, the use of artificial intelligence and why SEO+, instead of general SEO, is the next quantum leap. Jan Pötzscher, relevance expert at semcona, explains as well as presents customer cases.

Learn about:

  • How to create relevant content with a higher range of coverage
  • The effects of relevant content
  • Selected customer cases from across Gemany and the US

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  1. Christoph_Reisch.jpeg

    Christoph Reisch

    Former Partner & Alliances Manager, censhare

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  2. Jan_Pötzscher.jpeg

    Jan Pötzscher

    Head of Account Management, semcona

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