1. censhare-whitepaper-new-age-of-communciations-EN-2022-Page1.png

    The New Age of Communications

    Think locally, market globally: geo-targeting yields six times more engagement, meaning transcreating your content for different markets, languages and cultures is crucial to connecting with your audiences.

  2. theresa-regli-censhare-dxp-whitepaper.jpg

    One-To-One Marketing and the Elusive Digital Experience Platform

    Industry analyst, author and thought leader Theresa Regli guides us through a maze of industry speak, citing her years of experience and discusses the ingredients of a Digital Experience Platform.

  3. censhare_Whitepaper_Rubin_on_Retail.png

    Rubin on Retail

    Ted Rubin is telling it straight in this whitepaper! He seems on a mission to get retail off the rocks and into calmer waters, emphasizing that customer relationships should be top of their agenda in many ways.

  4. censhare-econsultancy-therapy-thursday-report-front-crop.png

    Personalization Through Relevant Content

    Delivering your audience with personalized content is easier said than done. Econsultancy tackled this subject in its recent Digital Therapy Thursday - download this session’s Digital Dose to learn more.

  5. econsultancy_people_and process_report.jpg

    People and Process: Agile working

    The increasing ways companies are organizing their marketing and how to work faster and smarter in the marketplace.

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