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Uli Meier is now responsible for the Project Management team in Switzerland

The reorganization of the censhare (Schweiz) AG has been carried out. Uli Meier, born in Nuremberg and cheerful Franconian, is now in charge of all Project Managers in Switzerland.

Uli Meier, Head of Project Management, censhare (Schweiz) AG

Uli Meier, media designer for digital and print media by training, is managing complex projects for censhare (Schweiz) AG since 2008. In 2010 he passed his exam in Project Management at EB Zurich. Before his relocation to Switzerland, Uli Meier worked as media consultant at infowerk ag in Nuremberg and as deputy business unit manager for publishing houses at w&co Media Services Munich.

Uli Meier and his team are looking forward to realizing successful projects in the near future with you!