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Special Interest Media of the Year 2011 Award goes to three censhare customers

Three censhare customers were among the twelve winners of the Fachmedien des Jahres 2011 Award (Special Interest Media of the Year Award). The winners were announced at the Kongress Deutsche Fachpresse held on May 24, 2011 in Wiesbaden. censhare would like to congratulate the winners publish-industry Verlag , awarded in two categories, and the publisher Verlagsgesellschaft Rudolf Müller .

"The increasingly cross-media orientation of the specialized media submitted showed us members of the jury just how much passion and courage that specialized are applying to making the most of changes in the media landscape. Once again, the choice of the winners was not an easy one," as Karl-Heinz Bonny, spokesman of Deutsche Fachpresse and member of the award jury commented.