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New apps with censhare

Under the name of Angeln kompakt! the sixth app produced with censhare by the German publishing house Jahr Top Special Verlag is now available in the iTunes Store. The app makes use of the new kiosk mode of the censhare Mobile Content Managements to showcase and offer the various magazines from the world of angling in a single app. By way of per in-app-purchases customers are then able to buy individual issues at the click of a button.

While many publishing houses are still battling with media breaks and external systems in the production of their apps, the Jahr Top Special Verlag publishing house has opted for censhare as a central system for the production and updating of its print media, websites and apps. And a number of their customers are also benefiting from the advantages of producing apps based on censhare solutions.

Take a look at the apps for your iPhone or iPad:






lastauto HD


KARL STORZ eMedia (nur für Mitarbeiter)