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in flagranti opting for censhare solutions

in flagranti , a full service agency headquartered in Lyss, will be expanding its portfolio with the addition of the censhare information and publishing system. As at Wirz Werbung AG , SPILLMANN/FELSER/LEO BURNETT , the Linkgroup and Straumann AG , in flagranti will be meeting the increased demand for cross-media publishing services with the system implementation of censhare.

In the course of a project realized with the Swiss Postal Services in flagranti learned more about censhare system solutions. Following an extensive evaluation phase with a number of providers the agency decided to manage their media and handle various editorial and web-to-print processes with censhare. The aim was to enable the clients of in flagranti to be involved in the generation process of their communication and advertising materials in an interactive manner and around the clock.

“censhare convinced us because the solutions will enable us to offer unique, tailored and favorably priced publication solutions for large scale companies as well as for SMEs. A number of our customers are already highly enthusiastic about censhare, while other clients have already indicated their interest."

Reto Kneubühl, Head of Production, in flagranti

With the addition of in flagranti to the customer roster censhare has gained an additional renowned advertising agency for its system solutions and is continuously advancing the company's expansion course throughout the Swiss advertising industry.

"In our interactions with in flagranti we become familiar with a Swiss advertising agency that has clearly understood the ever rising market demands for efficient and cross-media information technologies. By adding censhare to the company's portfolio, in flagranti has created a position that will enable the agency to optimally cater to a very wide range of different market and customer requirements."

Jürg Weber, CEO, censhare (Schweiz) AG