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„Grupo Trevenque“ at the International Book Fair (FIL) in Guadalajara

Grupo Trevenque, censhare's first Premium Partner in Spain, and a leading Spanish technology company, recently showcased their solutions at the International Book Fair (FIL) in Guadalajara, Mexico between November 26 through December 4, 2011.

Trevenque is working to ensure the competitiveness and survival of the libraries and book publishers of Spain and Latin America. This call for leadership in the field of publishing is what compels Trevenque to offer superior value-added solutions for both book and magazine publishers. "censhare is an integral component of Trevenque's solution offering. censhare is a powerful tool for content management and administration of workflow that delivers major improvements in productivity for this type of business. censhare assists in the workflow process from inception to publication – in all channels: print, web, mobile applications, or ebooks ", stated Chema Prados, Director Comercial y de Marketing de Grupo Trevenque.

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